Basic facts about Serbia

Country name: Serbia
Capital: Belgrade
Country code: 378
Continent: Europe
Currency name: Serbian dinar
Independence: 2006-06-05 00:00:00
Independent from: from Serbia and Montenegro
Total area (km2): 77,474
Land area (km2): 77,474
Water area (km2): 0
Population: 7,243,007
Population note: 7,243,007 (July 2013 est.)
Official language: Serbian
All languages: Serbian (official) 88.3%, Hungarian 3.8%, Bosniak 1.8%, Romany (Gypsy) 1.1%, other 4.1%, unknown 0.9% (2002 census) note: Romanian, Hungarian, Slovak, Ukrainian, and Croatian all official in Vojvodina
Time zone: CET (UTC+1) - Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Date format:
Drive on: right
Calling code: +381
Domain: .rs