Jordanian Dinar (JOD) Profile

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د.ا, or JD

1/10, dirham; 1/100, qirsh or piastre; 1/1000, fils
Coins freq used: 
JD¼, JD½, JD1, ½ qirsh (paistre), 1 qirsh (paistre), 2½ paistres, 5 paistres, 10 paistres
Coins rarely used: 
Banknotes freq used: 
JD1, JD5, JD10, JD20, JD50
Banknotes rarely used: 
Central bank: 
Central Bank of Jordan (
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Jordanian dinar is pegged at the U.S.dollar at 1 USD=0.709 JOD.

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The Jordanian Dinar (JOD) is the official currency of Jordan. It is the legal tender used for all transactions within the country.


The Jordanian Dinar was introduced in 1950, replacing the Palestinian Pound, following the establishment of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The currency has remained stable and has been an important factor in Jordan's economic growth and development.

Coins and Banknotes:

The Jordanian Dinar is divided into 1000 fils.


Coins currently in circulation are 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 fils, as well as 1 Dinar.


The most commonly used banknotes are 1, 5, 10, 20, and 50 Dinars.

Each banknote typically features important historical figures, landmarks, and symbols of Jordan.