Tanzanian Shilling (TZS) Profile

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1/100, senti (cents in English, and no senti Coins or Banknotes are in circulation.)
Coins freq used: 
50 shilingi, 100 shilingi, 200 shilingi
Coins rarely used: 
Banknotes freq used: 
500 shilingi, 1000 shilingi, 2000 shilingi, 5000 shilingi, 10000 shilingi
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Central bank: 
Bank of Tanzania (
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1. The U.S.dollar (USD) is also widely accepted in Tanzania.
2. Symbol of "x/y": x means the amount above 1 shillingi, while y means the amount in senti. For example, 50 senti is written as "=/50", or "-/50", while 100 shillingi is written as "100/=" or "100/-".

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